We were tired of the old logo and wanted something that better conveyed what GHFS is. The new logo features a golden lion rampant holding a shield with three crowns on a blue background. This is pretty much the old heraldic weapon of the city of Gothenburg. But the city has changed it to a modern atrocity, so we felt it was time to go back to the roots. The modern logo of Gothenburg also shows a lion fleeing, so we fixed that 😉

With this new logo we have also adopted A verbis ad verbera as our motto. It means from words to blows, and what could be more fitting for a HEMA club?

  1. GHFS takes two golds, two silvers at first ever Swedish national championship!
    Hosted in Uppsala by SvHEMAF, the Swedish HEMA Federation, HEMASM 2015 was the first ever official national HEMA championship worldwide. Tournaments weere held in womens longsword, open longsword, rapier & dagger and sabre.

    GHFS won both gold and silver in womens longsword (Julia Yli-Hukka and Weronica Odsvik) and in Open Longsword (Anders Linnard and Jonathan Wilkins). In sabre, Andreas Engström placed 4th.

    Congratulations to all participants and especially our medalists!

    Video of the bouts can be found here:

  2. GHFS competitive success at Longpoint USA
    Mikael Widegren claimed gold in wrestling, while Axel Pettersson took gold in both Rapier & Dagger and Sword & Buckler aswell as bronze in Longsword and 4th place in the triathlon competition and in paired technique.

    Congratulations to our fighters and many thanks to the Longpoint crew for a fantastic event.

  3. GHFS takes three gold, two silvers, one bronze at Örebro Open.
    In the final installment of the Nordic Historical Fencing League 2015, Örebro Open, GHFS claimed silver in both open longsword and rapier & dagger through Axel Pettersson, as well as bronze in sabre through the same.

    Julia Yli-Hukka took her second gold in womens longsword, also winning the overall Womens League.

    The overall point tally of GHFS fencers over the year also meant that the club won the overall Team Tournament.

  4. GHFS takes two golds, one silver at Copenhagen Open
    GHFS took two golds at Copenhagen Open in April, through Julia Yli-Hukka (Womens longsword) and Axel Pettersson (rapier & dagger). In addition, Anders Linnard took silver in the Open longsword division.

    Copenhagen Open is a part of the Nordic Historical Fencing League. Videos from the tournament can be found here:

  5. Videos from the latest GHFS Evening Academy
    lecture on residual effects of training (in Swedish):

    Exhibition fights:

    Duel over the right to purchase a buckler: